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Hi! I’m Anuradha,

All my life I have struggled with chronic conditions- from debilitating allergies and sinusitis in childhood to asthma and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as an adult. Then four years ago, my body crashed completely. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

In desperation, I turned to yoga for healing. From being unable to get out of bed only three years ago to becoming a certified yoga teacher has been a magical journey of transformation and growth. At the age of forty-eight I am healthier, stronger, calmer and more alive than I have ever been.

Now, I want to pass on that learning. I want to empower you to find your strength and healing, to embark on your own journey of growth and expansion.

Yoga is for everyone- young, old, frail and fit. Each one of us, no matter where we are in our lives can do yoga and benefit from it.

A gentle, holistic practice embracing all the different aspects of yoga can greatly transform our body, mind and spirit so that we can live our best lives.

I invite you to discover the incredible power of yoga in you.


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