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I am Anuradha, a yoga teacher passionate about healing and wellbeing.

All my life I have battled with chronic illnesses…allergies, asthma, endometriosis, PCOS, insomnia, Hashimoto’s…And learned to live with them. As we do!

But when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and unable to get out of bed for almost a year, I knew I had to stop and listen to my body.

I was not ready for a life where I could not do the things I loved…long walks, travel, writing, painting, spending time with family and friends.

In desperation, I turned to yoga. Yoga helped me heal, get better and live. While I may never be free of my conditions, I am stronger and healthier at fifty than I have ever been.

It was this that inspired me to become a yoga teacher so I could pass my learning on to others who may need it.

Why yoga?

Yoga is a science. It is a complete system designed to bring you to a place of true health and balance.
The literal meaning of yoga is ‘union’. It is the ‘yoking’ of mind, body and spirit into one radiant being. A healthy, happy, expansive you.

The ultimate goal of yoga is harmony- within and without. To be in harmony is to be well.

Yoga offers physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; as well as spiritual growth. It is up to you to take what you need from the practice and shape your own unique journey.

Yoga is more than exercise. It is more than a philosophy. It is about authentic, joyful living.

How yoga heals

“Twenty years ago I was in a terrible car crash which left me with reduced mobility and constant pain in my back and hips. I clearly remember the day I started yoga with Anu. I could not get down on the floor or get up without support. Just eight months later I could do both. And, for the first time in years I have days when I know what it’s like to be pain free.

Since I started yoga I have lost weight, become stronger and more flexible.

Most importantly Anu has helped me get back some of my confidence and independence. I cannot thank her enough.”

Sunita A

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