Hi! I’m Anu. 

I am a hatha yoga teacher who specialises in yoga for healing and health.

I fell in love with yoga way back in the late nineties when I met my guru. But it was only when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2016 that I discovered it’s true power.

Now, I am dedicated to helping others find healing and wellbeing through yoga.

My teaching combines yoga’s ancient wisdom and modern research.  It is inspired by my own experience of living with multiple chronic illnesses and overcoming them through my personal sadhana, self practice and enquiry.

The classes are gentle and intuitive enabling you to connect deeply with yourself and your practice.

My aim is to make yoga for healing and wellbeing accessible, practical and joyful.

We all hold wisdom and power within us to heal and transform ourselves, our lives and our worlds for the better. We just need to know how.

If you would like to feel better in your body and mind, live well and age well, I should be honoured to guide you on your journey.

 With love



Begin by establishing a new relationship with your body, mind and breath. Learning to listen and trust its wisdom.


Uncover the powerhouse within. The will and wisdom to create lasting change.


Find your voice. The courage to lead with your heart and live an authentic life.


Twenty years ago I was in bad car crash which left me with reduced mobility and constant pain in my back. I clearly remember the day I started yoga with Anu. I could not get down on the floor or get up without support. Just eight months later I could do both. And, for the first time in years I have days when I know what it’s like to be pain free.

Since I started yoga I have lost weight, become stronger and more flexible. Most importantly Anu has helped me get back some of my confidence and independence. I cannot thank her enough.

Sunita A

Having sustained a knee injury, I was keen to start yoga with a small class suitable for beginners. Anu was the perfect choice with her warm, calm manner and knowledge of anatomy and yoga.

The modifications she suggests in all the poses allowing for my condition was exactly the kind of attention I needed.

Her classes are warm and relaxing and I would recommend them to anyone!


Anu is an excellent teacher and a genuinely lovely person. I have always struggled to get into yoga - usually giving up after a few classes- but Anu’s classes are clear and precise. She is very observant and pays individual attention to everyone in the class. The classes are definitely hard work but I always come out feeling re-energised and relaxed.


Anu is an excellent teacher and I always look forward to our twice -weekly sessions. I like Anu’s flexible, tailored approach adapting the lessons to my body and I are feeling on the day.

Ashish A

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