Welcome to Anuyoga – A space dedicated to healing, growing and thriving.

A space dedicated to the science and art of yoga.

It is my mission to change our conversation around health and healing.
True healing is a many layered process that touches our bodies, our minds and our lives. And it starts from within.

To be healthy is to be in harmony with ourselves and with the world. Yoga can help us find that harmony by tapping into our innate wisdom… and our JOY.

Yoga is as much about finding our ananda, our bliss as it is about finding the right alignment or right breath.

Anuyoga is about embracing this essence along with the practice.

anuyoga: noun (Skt. अनुयोग ‘further yoga’ fr. anu + yuj) also the path of exploring the union of space and wisdom.
In which one meditates on the inner or subtle body with its energy centres (chakras), and its prana(winds or subtle energies), nadis(the energy pathways), and bindu (the consciousness).

My mantra

baadalo kaa naam na ho, ambar ke gaanvo me
jalataa ho jangal khud apni chhaanv me
yahi to hai mausam, yahi to hai mausam
aao tum aur ham
baarish ke nagme gungunaae
thodaa saa rumaani ho jaae

(Title Song – Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaye)

When there is not a cloud in the sky
And the forest burns in its own shade
That is the season, this is the season
Come, let us
Sing songs of the rain
You and I
And find ourselves a little romance