anuyoga: noun (Skt. अनुयोग ‘further yoga’ fr. anu + yuj)  also the path of exploring the union of space and wisdom.
In which one meditates on the inner or subtle body with its energy centres (chakras), and its prana (winds or subtle energies), nadis (the energy pathways), and bindu (the consciousness).

The philosophy…

Anuyoga is about diving deeper ..exploring the subtle nature of yoga, deeper healing and true wellness.

Yoga goes beyond exercise and philosophy. It is a sophisticated system of mind, body, breath  and soul connection designed to bring us in harmony with ourselves and the world outside. 

And, sophisticated does not mean complicated. The simplest practice can have the most profound impact.

Yoga wisdom tells us we are made up of five layers – the panchkosha. The physical body, the energy body,  the mental body, the intuitive body and at very centre our bliss body. What happens in one layer affects everything else.

Anuyoga is about developing a greater awareness of these subtle layers, the energies and working with them to change and shift how we feel and function.

Anuyoga is about finding our healing through discovering our ananda, our blissful  true nature.