Namaste and welcome to anuyoga – my space for exploring true healing and wellbeing through a gentle, traditional and holistic practice of yoga.

~ Why Yoga? ~

Yoga is a science. It is a complete system designed to bring you to a place of true health and balance.
The literal meaning of yoga is ‘union’. It is the ‘yoking’ of mind, body and spirit into one radiant being. A healthy, happy, expansive you.

The ultimate goal of yoga is harmony- within and without. To be in harmony is to be well.

Yoga offers physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; as well as spiritual growth. It is up to you to take what you need from the practice and shape your own unique journey.

Yoga is more than exercise. It is more than a philosophy. It is about authentic, joyful living.

~ Why gentle, traditional and holistic? ~


Contrary to common perception, yoga doesn’t have to be intense or complex to be effective. A simple, gentle practice is often more healing and transformative. It can not only heal and restore but equally energise and strengthen.

Gentle yoga has all the benefits of a more active practice but is accessible to all of us; no matter where we are with our health, age or experience.

Gentle is the new ‘advanced’ taking us closer to the true essence of yoga. When movement and breath combine into a meditative flow it connects us with our centre. The spring of our wellbeing.


A practice firmly grounded in classical Hatha Yoga and based on the Eight Limbed Path of Patanjali, helps us tap into the very source of the ancient teachings.

The teachings are not rigid or restrictive but in fact allow for a wholesomeness in our practice, touching all aspects of ourselves and our lives.


A holistic practice goes beyond the physical exercise(asanas). It includes cleansing exercises, breath work(pranayama), mindfulness, meditation, chanting, diet, ethics, learning and enquiry.

Conventional medicine treats the ailment but yoga addresses the whole person. According to Yoga there is more to us than our physical bodies. We are encased in five sheaths or koshas -the physical body, the mental body, the energy body, the intellectual body and the blissful Inner Self.

True healing starts with the gross body and ultimately leads to Bliss. That is the journey of yoga.

anuyoga: noun (Skt. अनुयोग ‘further yoga’ fr. anu + yuj) also the path of exploring the union of space and wisdom.

In which one meditates on the inner or subtle body with its energy centres (chakras), and its prana(winds or subtle energies), nadis(the energy pathways), and bindu (the consciousness).