Hello and welcome,

I am so happy you stopped by.

If you are looking for yoga with a real focus on healing and well-being, you’ve come to the right place.

Yoga is so much more than exercise. It is about living a joyous, full life. My practice and teaching embodies this.

Rooted in the Hatha Yoga and Vedanta tradition, it embraces the eight limbed path for a more holistic approach…Yoga for the person and not just the body.

I also draw on various Eastern traditions to incorporate mindfulness, movement and play.

It is my experience that a wholesome practice allows me to take my yoga off the mat into my real life. Which is the whole purpose.

Whether you are living with chronic illness and pain, are new to yoga or wanting to take your practice further…I would love to guide you on your yoga journey.

Just as I know the transformative power of yoga, I also know how important it is to find the right teacher. Especially when you take those first steps to building the foundations of your practice.

I want to help you build that foundation so that you never stop learning or enjoying the journey. No matter where your practice takes you, you will always know how to listen to your body, your mind and your breath.

For years I stayed away from yoga studios and classes. I didn’t think I was fit or flexible enough. How wrong I was!

Yoga is for everyone. It is for the young and old, the fit and the frail.

And, it is never too late to start. The day you arrive on your mat or chair is the right moment.

So come along….find your healing and wellbeing.

I offer personalised classes either as private lessons or in small intimate groups.

Private Lessons

1:1 lessons offer you the chance to experience a practice that is especially designed for you.
Perfect if you have specific needs or just want some ‘me time’ and practice at your own pace.

What you can expect…

  • This is your practice. Your journey is unique to you. You and I will honour that.
  • You decide where you want to go, and I’ll guide you by personalising the sessions to meet your needs.
  • Build a solid foundation for your practice
  • Increase awareness of body and mind
  • Learn what correct alignment feels like in your body.
  • Improve your strength and flexibility
  • Breathwork and meditation,
  • Work with your injuries/conditions
  • And most importantly to feel good!

Every class will be a balance of mindful movement and stillness designed to ground, energise and relax you.

  • One Off
    In Person/ Online – 75 Mins
    £50.00 – ( Bring along a plus one for free)
  • 5 Class Pass
    In person/ – 75 Mins
    5 x £42.00 – £210.00
  • 5 Class Pass Online
    Practice from anywhere around – 75 Mins
    5 x £38.00 – £190

Ready to embark on your yoga journey?

Drop me an email or send me a message on Instagram.

Group Lessons

Group lessons with me are a fun way to enjoy yoga with your friends or meet new people and still get proper attention.

What you can expect…

  • An inclusive, safe space where you can be yourself and celebrate yourself!
  • No more than six students in a class
  • A solid foundation for your practice
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • A focus on simplifying and modifying traditional poses, sequences and techniques to suit each individual student.
  • Encouragement to go at your own pace.
  • Increased awareness of your own body, mind and breath
  • A holistic practice that goes beyond the postures (asanas) to incorporate different aspects of Hatha Yoga…like breath work(pranayama), meditation, yoga-nidra, chanting and mindfulness
  • And most importantly… feeling good!

  • Drop In
    In -Person – 75 Mins
  • 5 Class Pass
    In Person – 75 mins
  • 10 Class Pass
    In person – £120.00

Weekly hatha and restorative classes. Get in touch for class schedule and availability.

Drop me an email or send me a message on Instagram.

I look forward to practicing with you.

Be well,

See you on the mat! Book A Class