Teaching yoga lights me up. It is my passion and joy. I love being on this journey with my students.

But, I know the  importance of finding a teacher who is right for you! So a little bit about my teaching. 

Foundation is key

As a teacher I focus on helping you build a solid foundation from the roots up. Encouraging you to be present and patient. So that no matter where your practice takes you, you will always know how to listen to your body, your mind and your breath.

It’s all about the alignment

In every sense of the word… not just in how we hold ourselves on the mat and off the mat but also how we align our body, mind and spirit in our practice. And how we align our practice with our truest selves.

When we find our alignment, we begin to experience a sense of harmony and wellness. We begin to move through life with grace and strength. This is the essence of yoga.

… And the pose but also the person

Yoga asanas, the poses, are essential to yoga practice but they don’t happen in isolation. We are all unique and so are our bodies. As a teacher it is my absolute priority to honour that.  Yoga is not about striking a pose but experiencing the benefits of the pose.

A complete practice

In my experience a holistic yoga practice, incorporating its various aspects is key to healing and real transformation. Hence, my classes go beyond asanas to include pranayama, meditation, mudras and mantras. With a sprinkling of yoga philosophy and mythology to help you go deeper into you practice.

For years I stayed away from yoga studios and classes… I didn’t think I was ready. How wrong I was! There is no better time to experience yoga than the present moment. To embrace the present moment is yoga.

Ataha Yoganushasanam -Time for yoga is now. – Yoga Sutras 1.1


Private Lessons

Working 1:1 allows me to the tailor the practice to your specific needs and goals.

This is great if you are new to yoga, have specific needs, are living with a chronic condition or just looking for some me time on the mat.

Group Lessons

Group lessons in person or on zoom are great for connecting with others andfinding that lift which comes from our collective energies. 

With a small class sizes of no more than six, you will still get proper attention. and be able to work at your own level, capacity and experience. 

I focus on simplifying and modifying poses for all bodies and abilities  so you can experience their true benefits.

Free Videos

If getting to a studio or joining online classes  is an option for you at this time,  use these to practice in your own time at your own pace.

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